Photos of Carmarthenshire

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Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle as it stands today are the remains of a castle that was involed in a many attacks during the 12th and 13th centuries by several parties. Its location is on a low side cliff next to the river Taf. In recent centuries the castle has seen many sieges having changed hands on numerious occasions, which has seen many alterations in its appearance. Nowerdays it is owned and protected as a historic building by the Welsh goverment

The Pendine Museum of Speed

The Pendine Museum was opened in 1996 in the village of Pendine, which is dedicated to all things speed. In the early 1900s car and motor cycles races took place nearby at the Pendine sands. The race ract on Pendine sands was described as... 'The finest natural speedway imaginable' by Motor Cycle magazine. This museum has a number of cars and motor cycles on display which date from back in the day when races took place on the sands